Umberto Eco Doesn't Waste Time

Here's Umberto Eco not wasting time.

Eco proves his thesis, which is that you shouldn't "put your faith in the extravagant claims of madmen", but you might notice that the quacks that he refers to aren't worth talking about.

He skips over the theories handed down to us by madmen that still resonate today with millions of idiots, and that have had actual consequences for living breathing people throughout history, and in recent times.

Like say ideas about so-called race. Heredity. Inferiority. Purity. Or say ideas about God. Piety. Infidelity.

There are systems of thought stemming from those ideas that many people get exterminated over, or enslaved over. Or subjugated over. Or brutalized over.

For example he could have written about the madman theory that a verifiable homo sapien is actually not a human being at all and can be eliminated without any fuss.

Eco would never write that article, maybe because so many people would say, "Well wot's so crazy bout that? It's TRUE!" He knows not to waste his time.