Big Government and American Paradise

Conservative Contradictions, Volume 3: Big Government and the American Paradise

The American Experiment is a God-blessed gold-encrusted paradise sitting on the peak of an Olympian hill. Why is it so fantastic? Because the government is reducible to its people. It is a great experiment, the greatest experiment. By the people, for the people, of the people. It was achieved by bloodshed on hallowed ground. With all these stories in mind, America is vehemently cited as the freest and mightiest nation in history.

So the government is reducible to its people. But the fact that The People hold the sovereignty does not deter the accusation that government institutions are inherently corrupt, wasteful, self-serving, and out of control. They should be drowned in a bathtub.

A prudent person can doubt a government. Any government. Doubt them all. Doubt them into the ground, I say! But how can we consider something to be a golden god-blessed paradise at the same time that we find it so suspicious? We can't, unless we are stupid.

Next edition: A single unprecedentedly bad day in the Iraq war doesn't mean the trend is bad. However, one very cold day means that global warming doesn't exist.

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