Red Sox Win?

The Red Sox beat the yankees in a 4-0 fightback streak going to the series.

It's a triumph of the proletariat, the sox clinched decisive victory, the bigwig fatcats sounded their final unimpressive throes. It's a matter of historical materialism, the dialectic continues.

No one should make the mistake of comparing it to David and Goliath. It's more like Fischer vs Spassky, or better yet, Godzilla Versus MechaGodzilla. It's like Tristan Tzara with no shoes on versus The WWI War Machine. Or better yet, it's more like Spassky versus Deep Thought. Or like Spassky fighting Deep Blue-- and Spassky comes up with a win.

To put it another way, a home-made hot air balloon piloted by an avuncular barfly has beaten a Boeing/Grumman relay team in a race around the world. A rag-tag group of Spasskyites has defeated a state-of-the-art IBM in the year 2020. A spry old birch has marked out its territories and moved in on the soil and sunlight of a mighty ancient oak. A schoolgirl in Iraq has stopped all the shrapnel by whispering; an outgunned citizenry has repelled an ultrapowerful military invasion, though with terrible loss of life, limb, and home.

The men and women have reclaimed the means of production.

The aristocrats watched it from the bench with smug faces.