Conservative Contradictions

Many fundamental contradictions sit at the base of the conservative political mind. I think I'll list some of them in an ongoing series here.

These are conceptual trends that are so general and common among various debates that I won't bother attributing them to specific sources. They will be familiar to anyone who occasionally participates in or observes political discussions. If you take a little walk to any location, then stop, and prop your ear or squint your eye, you will hear or see at least one of them out there.

ContraCon 2008 Itinerary

Volume 1. Give your life at war, but never your tax dollars at any time.

Volume 2. All institutions (big government) are self-serving, wasteful, and corrupt. But the military is unimpugnable.

Volume 3. America is a golden god-blessed paradise because of its democracy. But the government, which is reducible to the people, should be drowned in the bathtub.

Volume 4. An extremely bloody day in Iraq doesn't mean the trend of the war is bad. However, a very cold say means global warming doesn't exist.

Volume 5. Criticism of authority is a welcome mat for the horrible ravages of anarchy. But on the global stage Might Makes Right when America is the champ, because rule by the mightiest is a fact of life.

Volumes 6. Terrorism demands a total renovation of our legal concepts and our constitution, but hate crime legislation is silly.

7-8. Stay tuned!

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At 12/03/2009 3:05 PM, Blogger Josh Maislin said...

What the hell happened to conservative contradictions 7 and 8??????????? Is there gonna be a 2009 set of contracon???


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