Instrument of Denial: The Mandate Trumpet.

The US presidential administration has declared a mandate for itself. They've trumpeted their "broad, nation-wide support." I saw Cheney declare it himself. He drew his lackluster strength from the golden-black iconic W plaques in the background.

Apparently the voting bloc split was 59 million and 57 million (and counting) -- despite the initial statistical 59/55 split.

To put things in perspective 59 cents likes the president, 57 cents dislikes the president, and 3 or 4 cents just rolled down a sewer.

Oh--and there's probably a whole nother dollar bill hidden somewhere. The dollar bill trumps the chump-change, but WILL they be enfranchised? And when, if never?

We can call it a precious precious sand dollar sitting on some beach that nobody's ever heard of. The precious precious sand dollar is worth 75 cents, or more. Call it what you will.

You can even say there're 3 golden quarters rolling around somewhere. Somewhere. Probably on the road to East Bumfuck, but who knows.

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